Sunday, June 3, 2012

Octomom to be a stripper, topless promotion for porn video scheduled


Octomom Nadya Suleman is going the distance promoting her porn video. The single mom of eight will do a stripper show at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida between July 11-15, TMZ reports.

Since performing self pleasure acts in front of a camera for her anticipated porn video slated to debut later this summer, Octomom is said to feel "sexually liberated" and is ready to show her body off at the strip joint. Suleman won't take everything off, the celebrity news site writes. She'll be "topless," but won't be one of the strippers who takes onlookers to the champagne room and give "lap dances."

The embattled single mom is expected to make thousands of dollars for her topless appearance in Florida. Now that she's already been in a magazine posing topless and stripped down to nothing for the self-pleasure porn video, Octomom is confident enough to do a little more work in the nudity department.

So far 2012 has been a bad year for Suleman. She went broke soon after her first topless gig for the British magazine Closer before going on food stamps, getting death threats, having child services enter her home, and filing for bankruptcy. Immediately after all that, she chose to do a porn video for an online website that's still unknown.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Poonam Pandey finally strips!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: This is it. Shedding all inhibitions, leggy beauty Poonam Pandey stripped all nude much to the delight of her fans after Shah Rukh’s team Kolkata Knight Rider won the fifth season of IPL last night. Living up to her promise of going all buff, the hottie proved to her detractors that she was not just all talk when she claimed a year ago that she would strip to naked for the love of the game.

Posting this latest pic on Twitter, the internet sensation has generated quite a buzz on the web. She tweeted, “here is a Pic as i PROMISED.”

In the pic, the model lay bare with little left for imagination.

The babe warned underage net users to refrain from watching the most risqué photo shoot of her by quoting, “WARNING 18 and under should not try looking up the pic. that said i do not take responsibility for anyone under age.”

Poonam’s ultimate act comes after she recently said that she would drop all clothes if Bollywood star SRK wanted her to do so to boost the morale of his team.

The diehard fan of cricket has done her final act. Now, only time will tell if the stunt catapults her to the ranks of a celebrity in the industry.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be it activism or commercialism, nudity sells

Ukraine's FEMEN group which specialises in topless protests in public, has been receiving a lot of media attention lately. The mandate, their agenda their political will although very serious in nature, it is their modality of protest that is attracting attention.

Alina Kovalchuk (pictured above) is suffering from cancer of the lymph nodes, and is an active member of the FEMEN movement. It is believed that her cancer was caused by the Chernobyl crisis. Currently in Ukraine, one out of every 50 people suffer from cancer. While nobody is blaming the Ukrainian government for the root cause of the problem, the fact that the Ukrainian Health Ministry is simply lining their pockets, while the people of the country are dying without medicine is a bit of a problem. []

The recent news flash of their appearance was at the Euro 2012 Soccer Cup.For some this method of women going bare-chested or topless in staging an agitation is considered as a very effective and non-violent way to make the protest heard. Yet, some of the agitators have taken this excitement too far and have had to bear consequences of imprisonment, such as when four of these topless activists climbed into the Indian embassy at Kiev and tore down the Indian national flag. The recent news flash at the Euro Cup soccer shows them grabbing the championship trophy while it was on public display in the southeast of Ukaraine.

Nudity since time memorial has kept mankind's interest alive. In countries where the laws on Nudity are liberal, this concept has been exploited for a lot of commercial benefit. A case in point is Zappos shoes. Their entire advertisement campaign focuses on nude women wearing just shoes and their tag line reiterates the concept by saying "more than just shoes"

Besides advertising, movies have exploited nudity for commercial gain, a whole genre of movies catering to this concept. The censor board may step in to give these movies 'A' rating and it maybe dubious for people to be seen in such movie halls, but there is no denying that a large segment of movie goers exists in this segment and the movie producers cater to this need. Hybrid movies such as 'Dirty Picture' have even managed to bring the concept into mainstream cinema in a camouflaged manner.

TV is not left far behind. The recent entry of international porn star Sunny Leone to maintain the TRP of the show 'Big Boss' and the subsequent interest that is being generated in the adult scenes being shot by Leone for the Bollywood film 'Jism 2', drives home the point further.

Cannes Film Festival is a prestigious place for movies buffs since it showcases a range of films and exhibits the talent of the film fraternity, yet the maximum hits generated on the internet are by the skimpy, skin-coloured and near topless pictures of Mallika Sherawat walking the red carpet.

Fearless Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s surprisingly explicit sex scenes with Clive Owen in “Hemingway & Gellhorn” suggest an actress still fearless at 44. But the Oscar-winning Australian disagrees.

“Oh, no, I have a tremendous amount of fear,” she told The Post at the Cannes Film Festival ahead of the red-carpet premiere of the HBO movie, which airs tonight.

“But I just push through it. Sometimes other people push me through it and sometimes I just make myself. I’ll feel terrified but then I’ll just go, ‘So what’s the worst that can happen? So people won’t like it, or I’ll fall flat on my face and hurt myself, OK.’ ”

The actress, who also shocked Cannes crowds this week with the graphic sex and instantly notorious “golden shower” scene of “The Paperboy,” said the character of fiercely independent war correspondent Martha Gellhorn was a great role model for her daughters. (She has two young girls with her husband, Keith Urban, and a son and a daughter with ex Tom Cruise.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brie jogged naked around campus

Community star Alison Brie tested her liberal college's optional clothing policy by jogging around campus wearing nothing but running shoes.

The actress attended California Institute of the Arts and was thrilled by the college's public nudity policy - and often tested it.

Brie says, "I would use it more for comedy purposes... Every now and then I would just throw on my tennies (tennis shoes) and, like, take a jaunt... to exercise my rights.

"If my roommate was having a bad day and I wanted to make her laugh to feel better, I would sort of pretend I was gonna take a shower and then I would sneak outside and like hang from the tree outside our window like a monkey."


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Haleigh: Beach Balls

I found Haleigh at a nude beach in San Francisco, called Baker Beach. We did a photo/film shoot minutes later :) This is Haleigh explaining who she is, what she does in life, and why she loves to be naked at the beach. Nudists worldwide celebrate!

'Topless New York' Kickstarter Celebrates Top-Free Equality

Summer's approaching and that means maximum beach time. But contrary to popular notion, ladies don't have to decamp to just Fort Tilden if they want to tan in the nude. In fact, women can be topless just about anywhere in the city.

You may not know it, but here in New York state, it's completely legal for women to bare their breasts in public thanks to a 1992 court decision to reverse laws punishing female toplessness because they violated New York's equal protection clauses.

But you wouldn't know that when topless ladies continue to raise eyebrows and famed nudist Holly Van Voast gets ticketed for stripping in Grand Central.

A new Kickstarter campaign called Topless New York is seeking to change that by increasing public awareness and reminding women that they've got every right as their male counterparts to be as topless as they desire.

The campaign hopes to raise funds for an exhibit and book chronicling photographs capturing topless women throughout the city, and hopefully empower women who want to strip to go right ahead and do so.

As Bowery Boogie notes, the project coincidentally follows a 29-year old women's similar quest, as she's been wandering through the East Village for the past two weeks topless.

In 2011, the "Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society" also sought to remind New York women to take advantage of the little known law by casually reading books in public parks while topless and loving it.